Student Diversity and Enrichment Pipeline Programs

Student Diversity and Enrichment

Pre-Matriculation Summer Program

Pre-matriculation is a six week program for entering first year medical students who may benefit from an early exposure to the rigorous medical curriculum.

Goals of the Program:

  • Facilitate the adjustment of the medical student to the academic environment of medical school
  • Facilitate academic success in the medical curriculum via assessment and application of the following skills:

    • Time management
    • Reading comprehension
    • Test taking strategies
    • Communication
    • Identifying learning issues
    • Identifying and formulating knowledge objectives
    • Researching new information
  • Provide a "jump start" for students to the curriculum and educational process of the medical school
  • Researching new information
  • Identify potential at-risk students and provide a remedial educational program along with an introduction to basic medical services

Pre-Matriculation Six Week Program Components

The pre-matriculation program has 2 essential components that are integrated and applied in a case-based, small group learning curriculum.

Case-Based Learning – Each week a patient oriented case will be presented to the student small groups. Students will be required to identify research and share learning issues necessary to solve the case. The cases are designed to encompass information from all the basic science disciplines involved in the first two years of the medical school curriculum. At the conclusion of each case an exam will be given that reflects the style, format, and level of difficulty that can be anticipated in the first two academic years.

Skill Assessment and Development – Each student will be evaluated for learning style, reading skills, test taking skills, etc. Based on this assessment, an individualized plan will be developed to improve and enhance these essential learning skills. The application and practice of these skills will be integrated with the Case-Based Learning Component. Additional practice and improvement will be provided through laboratory exercises.


  • First generation college student
  • English as a second language
  • Economically disadvantaged
  • Non traditional students (second career, returned to school after an absence, non science major)

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