MD Career Advising

Medical Student Year 4: Getting into Residency

  • Research residency training programs through the AMA's FREIDA Online or Graduate Medical Education Directory (i.e., the green book)
  • Define your preferences using the Residency Preference Exercise
  • Begin reviewing and comparing residency programs
  • Register with ERAS and begin preparing residency applications (i.e., CV, letters of recommendation, personal statements)
  • Register with the NRMP for the Main Residency Match
  • Register for early Match programs, if applicable
  • Complete applications and designate programs to which your materials will be submitted
  • Take USMLE Step 2
  • MSPE released October 1
  • Interview with residency programs
  • Rate programs using the Residency Preference Exercise
  • Early Match deadline early–mid January
  • Rank your selections for the NRMP Main Residency Match
  • Match Day (third Friday in March)