Dr. Maureen Groer

Dr. Maureen Groer’s background as a maternal-child nurse and as a physiologist with over 35 years of experience provides her with a unique and relevant background. Her primary research area is in biobehavioral research, with an emphasis on psychoneuroimmunological mechanisms particularly in mothers and infants. She has had a long standing interest in lactation and breast milk biology. She currently holds one RO-1 that is examining the immunophysiology of postpartum thyroiditis, a competing revision under ARRA to examine function of NK cells in the postpartum, and an administrative supplement to study the neurodevelopment of infants of women with postpartum thyroid disease. She has been studying human milk cytokines in preterm and term mothers in the past year and is proposing research to study the effects of human milk immunobioology on very low birth weight infant outcomes.

Dr. Groer has over 50 publications in refereed journals, has authored several textbooks, is active in several organizations, is on the editorial board of the journal, Biological Research for Nursing, and reviews for multiple journals. She is a member of the Nursing and Clinical Research study section at NIH and a Board Member of the International Society for Research on Human milk and Lactation.