Colloquium on Clinical Nanomedicine: What, Why and How?

Lead Faculty Member: Shyam S. Mohapatra, Ph.D. 
Other Participating Faculty: Srinivas Nagaraj, Ph.D. & Subhra Mohapatra, Ph.D. 
Meeting Times (Schedule a total of 10 hours.): 
Location: MDC3054

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this small group Colloquium the student will:
  • Be able to understand the major concepts behind nonomedicine in terms of diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
  • Be familiar with why nanomedicine is needed to advance clinical medicine.
  • Know the most common approaches in naomedicine that will be in the clinics advancing practice of medicine.

The proposed sessions are as follows.

Session 1: Friday, September 13, 2013 1-3 pm

Nanomedicine: Redefining future of medicines (Lecturer: Prof. Shyam Mohapatra)

Assigned readings: James F Leary, Nanotechnology, what it is and why small is so big. Can J Ophthalmol 2010;45:449–56; Moghimi SM et al Nanomedicine: current status and future prospects.FASEB J. 19, 311–330(2005)

Session 2- Friday, October 4, 2013 1-3 pm 
Nanomedicine & Vaccines (Lecturer Prof. Shyam Mohapatra, Dept of Internal Medicine)

Session 3- Friday, Friday, November 15, 2013 1-3 pm 
Nanomedicine for Cancer Diagnostics & Therapy (Lecturer: Dr. Subhra Mohapatra, Dept of Molecular Medicine)

Session 4- Friday, January 17, 2014 2-4 pm 
Nanomedicine & Lung Diseases (Lecturer: Prof. Shyam Mohapatra, Dept of Internal Medicine)

Session 5- Friday, February 7, 2014 2-4 pm 
Nanomedicine: Ethical issues (Lecturer: Dr. Srinivas Bharadwaj, Dept of Internal Medicine)