We envision to expand excellence in interdisciplinary and integrative basic and translational research by bringing together clinicians and researchers from not only the about 14 Divisions of the Department of Medicine, but from thoughout the USF Health and the University. We envision the following values for the DTM.
  • The DTM will provide students with excellent educational opportunities and the highest level of research training in selected prioritized areas. This will be accomplished by utilizing advanced methods and technologies centering on a multidisciplinary approach to research.
  • Emphasis will be on creativity, discovery and intellectual attainment, together with development of the personal and professional potential of students, faculty and staff.
  • An atmosphere of collegiality based on integrity, civility, academic freedom, professional responsibility and collaboration among disciplines and units will be fostered.
  • Engagement of the University with community development will be promoted in order to increase understanding of the needs of the community and the means of applying research discoveries to meet those needs.

Together with you, we like to develop a Division of Translational Medicine
with the following goals:

  • To research and discover the origins and mechanisms of disease,
  • To identify and gain insight into specific biological events, biomarkers, or pathways of disease,
  • To use such insights to systematically discover and develop new diagnostics and therapeutic methods and products, and
  • To adoption of such new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches into the routine standard of care,