Current and Past Projects

Fellow Name Principle Investigator Fellow Mentor Project Title Institutional Approval Date Comments Presentations and Publications
Cao, K Do, N. Anderson, W. Use of CCB in NO Non-responders PAH ClassI Pending IRB Approval trying to get drugs
Capote, J Anderson, W. Do, N. Effects of a Portable Monitoring Sleep System of CPAP Adherence in OSA

McKinnon C, et al Sleep 33:AI54, 206
Castro, A. Anderson, W.
Outcome Evaluation of an Inhospital CPAP Adherence Program for SRBD Pending IRB Approval

Geck, R. Benbadis, S.
1) MSLT 2) Chronobiologic Assessment 3) Assessment of Breathing During Sleep
Chapters in progress
Gentler, S.

Gimplevich, R. Andrews, A.
Cost Savings of EBUS Guided Fine Needle Aspiration USF- Pending, VA Approved

Go, J.

Malave, A. Elamin, E. Solomon, D. USAPFT- PFT eval in ALS VA Approved data collection, chest abstract
Taylor, B. CoxJ, Rumbak, M. Taylor, B IVC Reflux in Right Heart Failure-Cost Analysis of

Taylor, B. Rumbak, M.
A Retrospective Evaluaiton of 2 D Echo. and Right Heart Cath. in PAH-Costs Analysis

Thomas, D. Andrews, A./ Greene, J. Kaszuba, F. Diagnostic Utility of BAL in HSCT/Leukemics Waiting for IRB Submission by PI Abstract submitted to Chest
Gootam, P. Richardson, R. Anderson, W. Quant. Analysis of ACG and PSG Metricain TBI Patients PR00000094-Richardson, Risa-PI PR00000095-McCarthy Marena-PI Under review #3-Tracy Dretzma, PI

Hutchison, A. Clark, M. Kohler, W. Effects of Opioids on Sleep Quality in Veterans with Chronic Pain

Korah, J. Schwartz, S. Anderson, W.

Metal Fume Fever Man-made vitreous fibers

Rumbak/Do Geck Correlation of Co. Fick vs the ______________ in PAH

The Correlation of Research Transvenous Pressure to Wedge Pressure

Does Chest Xray Research Post Tracheostomy Change Management

Atrial Septotomyin Patients with AS Stage Rt Heart _______

Taylro, BT; Pezzo, SP; Rumbak M
Palla's Sign and Hampton's Hump in Pulmonary Embolism

Rethinking a Case of Steroid Resistant Asthma

2010 ATS Intern'l conf in New Orleans

Early vs Late RHC in the Evaluation of Pulmonary HTN 108617
2010 ATS Intern'l conf in New Orleans

Contrasst Reflux into the Inferior Vena Cava on Chest CT as a Sign of Right Ventricular Failure 108436 Chapters due August 2011 Critical Care Medicine, December 2009