VA Housestaff Lecture Schedule

Friday, August 17---Speaker and topic: Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation, Dr. Jean Go

Friday, September 21---Speaker and topic: How to Deal with the Sleepy Patient, Drs.Castro/ Schwartz

Friday, October 19—Speaker and topic: Approach to the Patient with Hemoptysis, Drs. Fountain/Negron

Friday, November 16—Speaker and topic: Pulmonary Infections in the ICU, Drs. Sriaroon/Elamin

No talks in December

Friday, January 18---Speaker and topic: Outpatient Chronic Respiratory Failure, Radwan/Elamin

Friday, February 15---Speaker and topic: Pulmonary Nodules, Drs. Nanavaty/ Truncale

Friday, March 13---Speaker and topic: Update on COPD, Calero/Anderson

Friday, April 19---speaker and topic: How to Deal with the Patient that Can't Sleep, Dr. Dani Thomas

Friday, May 17---Speaker and topic: The Cough from Hell, Drs. Carpenter/ Anderson