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Infectious Disease Faculty: Online Correspondents for ABC News

Throughout the year, USF Health experts in USF’s Division of Infectious Disease and International Medicine have been tapped by ABCNews.Com to serve as online correspondents, writing about a variety of subjects. Listed below are their contributions:

Hepatitis C: Protecting Yourself from Hepatitis C, by Sandra Gompf, MD, published July 13, 2007, PDF version

HIV: Why You Need an HIV Test, by Jose Montero, MD, published September 25, 2007, PDF version

HPV Vaccine: A Little Pain Now, Cancer Protection Later by Douglas Holt, MD, published January 7, 2008, PDF version

Influenza: The Scary Truth About Influenza, by Sally Houston, MD, published March 28, 2007, PDF version

Meningitis: Surviving and Understanding Meningitis, by Kaeley Hamilton and Charurut Somboonwit, MD, and Daniel Haight, MD, published January 29, 2007, PDF version

Mononucleosis: Don't Kiss and Swell: Managing Mononucleosis by Todd Wills, MD, published August 8, 2007, PDF version

MRSA: When MRSA Gets Personal by Richard Oehler, MD, published October 22, 2007, PDF version

Necrotizing Fasciitis: Danger in the Flesh by Jennifer Logan, MD and John T Sinnott, MD, published January 11, 2007, PDF version

Shingles: Shingles: A Pain in the Rash, by John Toney, MD, published May 18, 2007, PDF version

Tuberculosis: Tuberculosis: Are You at Risk? by Beata Casanas, DO, published April 26, 2007, PDF version

West Nile Virus: West Nile Virus: A Summertime Threat, by Abbigail Chandler, MD, published July 3, 2007, PDF version