Emergency Medicine

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Current Residents

Chief Resident: Phillip Coker, M.D.

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Resident Testimonies about USF Emergency Medicine Program

"Excellent training and unmatchable location. The patient population consists of a lot of 'county' patients, so we have many sick patients with extensive medical problems. There are no baby steps, if there is a code or trauma, and you have the next patient then you run the code/trauma or will be the one putting in lines, intubating, etc…from day 1. Incredible facilities and full electronic records are a great plus. You will work very hard but for as location goes; on my days off, post call, or when I'm on nights-I'm able to go to endless places with my wife and 3 kids. I'm an intern . We have been to over a dozen beaches, to multiple parks, and yup, we can do it all year long. My wife takes our kids swimming 6 days a week. Great training and when you are out of the hospital you have plenty to do."
James Bartlett
Class of 2011
"I have found TGH to be a wonderful place to train for a career in Emergency Medicine. The attendings and faculty are exceptional and always willing to take the extra time to help you learn. The patient population at TGH is very heterogeneous allowing you to see patients from all walks of life which is something not often found at many inner city or small hospitals. There never seems to be a shortage of traumas or procedures. Additionally, it would be hard to find a hospital with a better view!"
Dennis Dixon
Class of 2011
"After becoming a Board Certified Family Physician, I realized my desire for further training in Emergency Medicine. The USF/TGH Program has fulfilled my dream of pursuing a career in this exciting specialty. The volume, diversity, and complexity of the patients population has given me the exposure to become ideally trained for the 'real life'. My attendings have been very understanding of my clinical weaknesses and promote my critical thinking!"
Alonso Osorio
Class of 2011
"Tampa is an amazing city. I feel fortunate to train in such a great program in a city that has so much to offer. I'm very happy with my decision to come to USF."
Nate Stephens
Class of 2011
"USF/TGH E.M. is truly a program where you will be the best E.M. Doc you can be. Other programs may offer less rigorous tracks, but I guarantee TGH/USF will have you 100% prepared for the post residency world. TGH/USF E.M. offers wide ranging pathology, amazing world class faculty, high acuity patients, and one of the most advanced ER's in the world. The area is also affordable and a great place to live with sunshine, restaurants, sports, and beaches. In summary TGH/USF E.M. offers an unbeatable combination of academics, lifestyle, research, and faculty."
Scott Stirling
Class of 2011
"Attendings are awesome! Residents are awesome! We all work together as a team and have lots of fun together. It makes residency a blast. Also doing a residency in Tampa Bay is a beautiful area to train-you won't want to leave when you're done!"
Jennifer Fredericks
Class of 2010
"Always something fun to do no matter what day you have off: swing dancing, mountain biking, boating, beach, museums, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Tampa Theater. Always beautiful weather!"
Hope Leblanc
Class of 2010
"When choosing to do a residency, I looked for only three things. Those three things were a place I would enjoy living, people I would relate/enjoy hanging out with, and a great education. After nearly completing half of my residency I have found that I feel at home here in Tampa, have made great friends, and feel very confident in my training to this point in my education."
Ryan Keith Weakley
Class of 2010
"This residency offers outstanding support, quality education, superb pathology, and most importantly is made up of fantastic people."
Greg Gibbons
Class of 2009
"I am getting an excellent emergency medicine education here at USF. My decision to rank it as #1 has been reinforced almost daily. The group has also been supportive in time of major and minor personal crisis. That quality is what makes this program special. We support each other's growth within emergency medicine-which includes your growth as a person and a leader."
Maureen Gibbons
Class of 2009
"I really believe we have a unique residency with extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and foundation for great training experience."
Chris Maguire
Class of 2009