Emergency Medicine

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Aeromed Landing TGH

USF Emergency Medicine Residency Softball

future chief resident at Gasparilla Dr. Wilson at your cervix 
Future chief resident at Gasparilla (left) - Dr Wilson at your cervix (right)

SAEM 2010 Poster Presentation: David Wein SAEM 2010 Poster Presentation: Jason Wilson SAEM 2010 Poster Presentation: Kant Shah
SAEM 2010 Poster Presentations (left to right): David Wein, Jason Wilson, Kant Shah

Photo collage of arrival of Haitian Earthquake trauma patients into Hillsborough County
Arrival of Haitian Earthquake Trauma Patients into Hillsborough County
For complete photo gallery, please visit http://picasaweb.google.com/alivinghominid/HaitiTIAAirport

Mike Omori playing bass, Mitch Selesnick from USF Internal Medicine in background
Mike Omori playing bass, Mitch Selesnick from USF Internal Medicine in background

Dr. Weakley and Ronald McDonald
Dr. Weakley and Ronald McDonald

Emergency Medicine Residents - Super Bowl XLIII
Drs. Gillen, Osorio, and Depalma at Super Bowl XLIII

Maureen and Greg at Goofy Challenge
Maureen and Greg at Goofy Challenge, a 13.1 mile run on Saturday and a 26.2 mile run on Sunday.

Chris Maguire, our chief resident "catching a wave" in Bali

EM Residents meet BJ Upton of the Tampa Bay Rays
EM Residents with BJ Upton, center fielder with the 2008 American League Pennant winning Tampa Bay Rays and AL representative in the 2008 World Series. His brother Justin Upton of the Arizona Diamondbacks is a right fielder and third from the right.

Greg and Maureen Gibbons complete triathalon.

Dr. Gibbons performing in the Madeira Beach Triathlon, June 1, 2008.

Dr. DePalma and Dr. Gendy providing emergent care for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Dr.s Bradley and Detiege supervise a central line in the Trauma Room

Dr. Hackstadt (r) discusses the benefits of NSAIDs in renal colic patients to Dr. Cordon (L).

Drs. Orban and Detiege review a CT scan on the PACS system.

Dr. Holzheimer supervising Dr. Larson in an intubatioin.

Dr. Orban meets with a state Representative in Tallahassee and discusses tort reform legislation during "EM Days".

A medical mission trip to Paquip, Guatemala, lead by Dr. Mark Dixon.

Dr. Mark Dixon examines a local Guatemalan boy on an international medicine mission trip.

Drs. Orban, Shepard, Madani, and Desmond at the state capital in Tallahassee on "EM Days," promoting legislative reform for EM.

Dr. Omori's shoes, as seen on "Trauma: Life in the ER."

Residents and family celebrate at the "Third Annual Post-Inservice Party, 2006"

Drs. Desmond, Holzheimer, Galwankar, Larson, Tamkoc, and Black practice the important things in life during our annual "Post-Inservice" retreat.

A night out on the town after the Emergency Medicine In-Service Exam.

Dr. Omori (middle) discusses the lack of alcohol dehydrogenase in certain patients to Drs. Morello (L) and Hozheimer (R).

Attendings, Residents, Nurses, and Spouses at a Paintball excursion. Notice Dr. Bradley's (far left) peculiarly WHITE and CLEAN t-shirt.

Ice Skating dDowntown at Curtis Hixon Park