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INDO-US Emergency Medicine Summit

The USF EM Residency is the International Partner for the annual Emergency Medicine Summit held in India.


Global Emergency Medical Sciences (GEMS)

One of the jewels of our department is our division of Global Emergency Medical Sciences (GEMS).

The architect for this was Dr. Sagar Galwankar (Class of 2007). Dr. Galwankar's untiring efforts and consistent contributions from Drs. O'Keefe, and Peckler have orchestrated incredible educational efforts from this division Through the work of several of our faculty this division has directly, positively impacted the emergency medicine knowledge of thousands and given the international educational outreach opportunity to many. I've placed below the names of the US faculty involved since our inception in 2004 and attached a review of our accomplishments.

Annual conferences are held in October, located in various cities in India. Multiple USF residents travel to India and participate in the conference annually. In 2008, we launched our online international Emergency Medicine journal: JETS The International Journal of Emergencies, Trauma, and Shock. 

If you have the time and energy we welcome your talents in our emergency medicine and trauma knowledge outreach mission.

Guatemala Mission 2010
Guatemala Mission 2010
Nathan Stephens, D.O. - Class of 2011
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Participants in GEMS outreach

  • University of South Florida faculty
    • Dr. Cathy Carrubba
    • Dr. Charlotte Derr
    • Dr. Lewis Flint (Surgery)
    • Dr. Jason Johnson
    • Dr. Suneel Khetarpal (Surgery)
    • Dr. Kelly O'Keefe
    • Dr. David Orban
    • Dr. Brad Peckler
    • Dr. Lakshminarayan Rajaram
      (College of Public Health)
    • Dr. Tracy Sanson
    • Dr. Harry Severance
    • Dr. Sanjay Shetty
  • Tampa General Hospital Emergency Department
    • Anne Blevins, RN
    • Maureen Ann Casoli, RN
    • Cathy Currier RN
    • Gina Quinn RN
  • USF Residents
    • Dr. Sagar Galwankar (EM)
    • Dr. Preeti Jois Bilowich (EM)
    • Dr. Mamta Swaroop (Surgery)
  • USF Medical Students
    • Aman Bhullar
    • Shaila Kirpalani
    • Shalini Patel
    • Yashash Pathak
    • Rahul Salooja
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA
    • Dr. Vikas Kapil
    • Dr. Henry Falk
    • Dr. Richard Hunt
  • Cleveland Clinic Department of Emergency Medicine
    • Dr. Preeti Jois Bilowich
    • Dr. Rakesh Engineer
    • Dr. Jonathan Glauser
  • Emory University
    • Dr. Brent Morgan
  • NIH
    • Dr. Ann Dellinger
  • Individual Participants
    • Dr. Mai Nguyen
    • Cheryl Scheinberg
    • Dr. Sam Scheinberg
  • SUNY Downstate Department of Emergency Medicine
    • Dr. Bonnie Arquilla
    • Dr. Simon Kotlyar
    • Dr. Raj Mittal
    • Dr. M Secko
    • Dr. Sari Soghoian
    • Dr. Michael Stone
    • Dr. Sage Wiener
    • Dr. Gentry Wilkerson
  • TeamHealth
    • Dr. Gregory Brown
    • Dr. Cary Pelto
    • Theresa Tavernero RN
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
    • Dr. Irshad Chaudry, Research Mentorship
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
    • Dr Valerie Dobiesz
    • Dr Timothy Erickson
  • World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine
  • World Health Organization
    • Dr. Ian Simpson