Administrative Matters

A.     Salary:


The salary structure for postgraduate training at USF is based on the level of prior postgraduate training and experience.  Residents are paid bi-weekly.  Malpractice and disability insurance are provided while working in University affiliated facilities.  Group health insurance is available for individuals and families.


B.     Communicable Disease Prevention


                  Prior to beginning training at the University of South Florida and its affiliated institutions, you must complete a Certification of Communicable Disease Prevention form before patient contact will be permitted.


C.    Uniforms:  White coats are provided for all residents.


D.    Pagers:   Long-distance pagers are assigned to all residents.


E.     Parking:  There is adequate parking at all facilities.


F.     Vacation: Three weeks of vacation is granted each year.


G.    Meeting time: Up to 1 week is provided to attend out-of-town G.I. meetings/conferences/courses.  The Division provides funds to attend one national meeting per year.


 H.      Residents must have a valid Florida medical license.