Innovation and Leadership in Medical Education (ILME) Special Interest Group

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) allows for Special Interest Groups (SIG) within each regional group on educational affairs. The Southern Group on Educational Affairs SGEA) supports SIGs, which are groups that support interest in advancing a specific area within the SGEA where members communicate, collaborate and meet to promote research, and effect or produce solutions within their particular area. SGEA-SIGs are self-perpetuating groups in which the membership is responsible for ensuring the ongoing activities of the group. Any SGEA member can join an SGEA-SIG and can be a member of more than one SIG. SGEA-SIGs elect their own officers. While the majority of members of the SIG must belong to the regional group, the group also may have members from other regional groups of the SGEA. This is the official site of the ILME SIG hosted by USF Health, Morsani College of Medicine, but open to the use of all of it’s members interested in innovation and leadership in medical education from across the country.

The mission of the Innovation and Leadership in Medial Education Special Interest Group (ILME-SIG) is to establish a community for the administrators, researchers and educators involved in or those who are interested in collaborating and supporting the work of leadership and innovative programs on their campuses. This community will address unique academic challenges across medical education and support the implementation of best practices and research within the AAMC. Institutions that already have innovative leadership development programs would benefit from the collaboration with other schools and those who seek to create innovative programs in leadership development would benefit from learning best practices from active programs.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Amy DiLorenzo, membership coordinator at

SIG Leadership 2016- 2017:

Joann Farrell Quinn, PhD, founding convener (
Dionne Ferguson, JD, PhD, recorder (
Amy DiLorenzo, membership coordinator (

About Us

The ILME-SIG allow its members to connect nationally through inter-institutional dialogues across list-serves, the AAMC website and at SGEA regional and AAMC national conferences. The ILME-SIG will submit an annual report outlining membership, activities, and future plans.


  1. To expand the knowledge of its members through discussions, workshops and presentations with experts and those experienced in leadership development initiatives in medical schools and academic medical centers.
  2. To develop/improve the scholarly activities surrounding leadership and other innovative programs and collaborate in the creation of assessments and best practices.
  3. To collect and disseminate data on the importance and impact of leadership and other innovative programs upon the competence and effectiveness of students and faculty.


Medical schools and medical academic centers will have fully integrated, longitudinal opportunities for both students and faculty in leadership development.


  1. Develop and present a program on leadership initiatives and innovative curriculum and faculty development programs and pertinent research at the SGEA annual conference.
  2. Invite those involved in the development and research of leadership and other innovative programs to present at the SGEA annual conference.
  3. Provide resources to be used by members for personal, departmental, or organizational development in leadership and innovation. The resources may consist of any of the following:
    • Papers, programs, or workshops available through MedEd Portal
    • List-serve, newsletter or other publication for dissemination of information
    • Contacts for workshops and presentations inside and outside the medical arena
    • Provide research collaboration and support opportunities

Upcoming conferences:

Save the Date: 2016 AAMC National Conference Learn Serve Lead

Dates: November 11 - 15, 2016 
Location: Seattle Washington
For more information please visit the Conference Website External Link.

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Member Presentations

First and Foremost a Leader: How to Encourage a Leadership Identity for Physicians (PDF) (PPT
Author: Joann Farrell Quinn, PhD, MBA

Practical Leadership: A 10-Hour Mini Elective to Jump Start Physician Leadership Skills (PDF) (PPT
Authors: Bobbie Ann Adair White, MA & Leila E. Diaz, MA, MEd

SELECT: Re-Envisioning Physician Leadership 
Authors: Margaret A. Hadinger EdD, MS & Rahul Mhaskar MD, MPH, PhD

Coaching Future Physicians: The SELECT Program's Unique 4-Year Medical School Model 
Authors: Margaret A. Hadinger EdD, MS; Dionne Ferguson PhD, JD; Joann Quinn PhD; Suzette Sookdeo MSEd & Suzanne J. Templer DO