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International Partners in Colombia

CES University in Medellin, Colombia

Dr. Carlos Callegari, Director of the International Academy of Medicine and IberoAmericas Programs, along with Dr. Ana Paula Velez of the Division of Infectious Disease and International Medicine met with top leadership at CES University in Colombia to forge a collaboration between the two universities. We signed a collaborative agreement with CES in March 2011. There are many opportunities for collaboration with CES and more information regarding the ways in which we will work together will be forthcoming.

 Special visit to meet the founder of Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Colombia Dr. Marcos Restrepo











Meeting with Dr. Andres Trujillo ZEA Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Colombia and Dr. Paula Vasquez, Chief of Medical Education

Drs. Ana Paula Velez and Carlos Callegari Meeting with Dean Jorge Julian Osorio and International Officer Dr. Saldarriaga from CES