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Scholarly Concentration in International Medicine

The Scholarly Concentration program supports the educational development of USF medical students by providing opportunities for scholarly endeavors in areas of special interest. Through this program, students can acquire a "minor" during medical school. To be eligible, students must maintain good academic standing throughout medical school.

The Scholarly Concentration in International Medicine is an interdisciplinary program designed to advance students' knowledge of international health and geographical and culutral diversity so that their clinical skills and research acumen become global tools when practicing medicine.

Students participate in monthly meetings, complete an international or domestic field experience, and formally present their experiences or research findings to the USF Health community. Current collaborations through our office allow for students to study abroad at partnering universities in countries such as the Dominican Republic, India, Thailand, South Korea, and Panama.

For those interested in the Scholarly Concentration in International Medicine, please contact Courtney Johns at (813) 844-4864 or email

Students in the Field

USF Health students share their international education experiences while traveling abroad in the Dominican Republic and India. Read About Our Students' Experiences Abroad.

Sharing Experiences at International Mixers

The biannual USF Health international mixers were inaugurated during USF's International Education Week in 2005, sponsored by the Division of Infectious Disease and International Medicine. The purpose of these events is to assemble faculty and students in an atmosphere in which the students could get to know the faculty one-on-one.

Students and Faculty at International Mixer 2006

International Mixer November 16, 2005 Students, faculty and staff from the Colleges of Medicine and Public Health gathered for lectures by Dr. John Sinnott, Dr. Lynette Menezes, Dr. Eknath Naik and Dr. Javier Marinez on various topics related to infectious disease and international health.

International Mixer May 18, 2006. Students from the International Health Service Collaborative and the Infectious Disease Interest Group learned about infectious disease issues in the Dominican Republic from Dr. Monica Thormann, Chief of Infectious Disease for Dr. Salvador B. Gautier Hospital in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The themes of the evening were global responsibility for healthcare and how US physicians and public health officials can be a resource for other countries. One of the rewards of this responsibility is the opportunity to interact with fascinating people and learn from different cultures. View the web album below.

International Mixer November 17, 2006 The Division of Infectious Disease continued its tradition of hosting International Mixers with "International Health: New Developments, New Challenges," with presentations by Dr. Javier Marinez, Ms. Komal D'Souza, and Dr. Vilma Vega. Dr. Vega, an infectious disease physician from Sarasota, gave a keynote lecture on trends in international health and shared her experiences with an international humanitarian organization. The event provided a forum for the exchange of international healthcare knowledge and opportunities for all of those in attendance.