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USF Health GME Research Grant Program


Currently, applications are not being accepted for the GME Research Grant Program.  Thank you for your interest.



Encourage fellows and residents to conduct research and promote scholarly activity.

Support active involvement of fellows and residents in research.

Support those who have curricular research requirements associated with their program.  



Each academic year the GME Research Grant program is allocated up to $100,000 to fund approved research projects.

Research proposals are being accepted from a wide-range of disciplines.

The maximum amount awarded for up to one year for each project is $25,000.

Awardees will be notified via email within four weeks of application deadline. 



Current USF fellows and residents.

Grantees are required to be supervised by a mentor.

Research projects receiving funding from an internal or external entity are NOT eligible to apply.


Submission Deadline

Applications are not being accepted at this time.


How to Apply

A completed application includes the following required components:

1.      Completed application form

2.      A 1500-word (max) project proposal addressing the following key areas:

-          Specific aims

-          Purpose

-          Narrative (including references)

-          Methods

-          Outcomes 

3.      Budget justification

4.      CVs for Mentor(s)

5.      Letter of support from program director


Completed applications may be emailed as electronic documents to or or delivered/mailed to:

University of South Florida

Graduate Medical Education

12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MDC41

Tampa, FL  33612



All applications much include a detailed budget.  The budget must show line-item expenses.  Attach a detailed budget with the application. 


IRB Approval

If applicable, funds will not be released until there is final IRB approval or an appropriate IRB waiver.


Review Process

The GME Research Grant Committee will review proposals and award funding each academic year.  Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  1. The conceptual and methodological quality of the research
  2. The potential impact of the research program
  3. The feasibility of the research project
  4. The educational value anticipated for the resident/fellow or residency program


Project Period

Projects should be completed within one year of receiving funding.  A maximum six-month extension may be permitted upon approval by the GME Research Grant Committee.



All awardees are expected to present their findings at a GMEC meeting and USF Research Day.  In addition, it is strongly encouraged to submit the research for publication.

Six-month and final progress reports must be submitted to the GME Research Grant Committee.  The final progress report must summarize research findings and detail how the funds were used.  The progress reports must come from the awardee and signed by their mentor.  Submit progress reports to or

All research-related protocols and policies established by the site where the research will be conducted must be followed.



If you should have questions about the GME Research Grant program, contact or