Public Sector Medicine

For the past 20 years, the Public Sector Medicine Program has introduced medical students to primary care of an underserved community in a multidisciplinary setting. The program has evolved into a major Physical Diagnosis teaching site for medical students, public health students, and social work students. Despite the enormous amount of public service provided through these "free" clinics, the PSMP is primarily a teaching program and wouldn't exist without students!

Judeo-Christian Health Clinic

Founded in 1972, JC clinic serves as a free clinic for patients whose incomes are insufficient to pay for private medical care, lack health insurance, and are ineligible for government assistance. The clinic provides medical care, medication, and other support services free of charge to approximately 15,000 patients annually. The Public Sector Medicine Program (PSMP) formalized the USF presence at JCHC since 1985. PSMP operates 2 afternoon clinics per week and 2 Wednesday evening clinics each month. The Judeo Christian Health Clinic in Tampa, Florida, is the primary site for Public Sector Medicine with several clinics each week attended by USF Faculty physicians from several disciplines.

Brandon Outreach Clinic

Brandon Outreach Clinic also participates once a week, and other sites have been included from time to time, such as local migrant clinics.