The Faculty Council will meet 
February 23, 2016 - 5:30 p.m.

MDL 1037 A-C, located in the Group Learning Area

Video Conference Locations:

• South Tampa Center for Advanced Healthcare, Room 5051C
• Lehigh Valley Health Network, Cedar Crest ECC4




Recent News and Information

Limiting Conflicts of Interest in Interactions with the
Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Biotechnology Industries

USF System Regulation: USF9.019

MCOM Implementation Guidelines

AIMS, EVUs and P4P: Myth vs. Reality

Faculty Council Meeting 12/1/15

John S. Curran, MD
Associate VP, USF Health
Sr. Exec. Assoc. Dean, MCOM

MCOM Summary Budget Information

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Finance Presentation
Faculty Council Meeting 12/2/14
Joann Strobbe, CFO and Vice Dean

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Downtown Campus Proposal
Presented to Faculty Council 12/2/14

Charles J. Lockwood, MD
Senior Vice President, USF Health
Dean, Morsani College of Medicine

Faculty Forward Survey Results - 2014

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Revised USF Tenure and Promotion Guidelines Effective June 5, 2015 

UME EVU Proposal v2.0
Presented at Faculty Council Meeting 5/26/15
Javier Cuevas, PhD
President of the Faculty

Presentations: Semi-Annual Meeting of the Faculty
March 24, 2015

LCME Report 
Bryan A. Bognar, MD, MPH
Vice Dean for Educational Affairs

USFPG Report 
Richard J. Sobieray, MHA, MSEd, CPA
Chief Executive Officer, USF Physicians Group

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Red Ribbon Committee Recommendations

Presentation: Annual Meeting of the Faculty
September 29, 2015

Faculty Forward Themes 
John Curran, MD
Associate VP, USF Health

Sr. Executive Associate Dean, MCOM