West Coast of Florida Monthly Regional Ophthalmology Meeting

Monthly meetings are held September through May (usually the third Thursday afternoon of the month) at University of South Florida College of Medicine under the direction of Linda K. Nakanishi, M.D.. The meetings offer nationally and internationally renowned speakers who bring their expertise and knowledge to the ophthalmic community physician as well as the USF Department of Ophthalmology's faculty, residents and fellows. The lectures and guest speakers are selected to meet the criteria of the ACGME for Residency Accreditation.

    Specialty Speaker  
January 16 Neuro Timothy J. Martin, M.D. Wake Forest University
February 20 Oculoplastics Neil R. Miller, M.D. Wilmer Eye Institute
March 20 Retina Thomas Albini, M.D. Bascom Palmer Eye
April 17 Cornea Elmer Tu, M.D. University of Illinois
May 15 Glaucoma Malik Kahook, M.D. University of Colorado
June -      
July -      
August -      
September  18  Glaucoma  Nils Loewen, M.D.  University of Pittsburgh
October  AAO - No Grand Rounds     
November   20             Cornea  Hans Grossniklaus, M.D.  Emory University
December  18  Neuro  Brian Lam, M.D.  University of Miami
    Specialty Speaker  
January 17 Neuro Steve Newman, M.D. University of Virginia
February 21 Oculoplastics Robert Mazzoli, M.D. Madigan Army Medical Ctr.
March 21 Peds Edward Buckley, M.D. Duke University
April 18 Glaucoma Cynthia Mattox, M.D. Tufts
May 16 cornea Ali Djalilian, M.D. University of Illinois
June -      
July -      
August -      
September 19  Cornea  Schaffer Tseng, M.D.  Ocular Surface Center
October 17  Glaucoma  Lili Farrokh, M.D.  Illinois Eye Institute
November   AAO - NO GRAND ROUNDS  
December 19  HIV/AIDS/MED Err.   Marr, MSA    Daniels, LCSW  Casanas, DO
    Specialty Speaker  
January 17 Neuro Peter Savino, M.D. Shirley Eye Center
February 21 Oculoplastics John Thompson, M.D. John's Hopkins 
March 21 Peds Arun Singh, M.D. Cleveland Clinic
April 18 Glaucoma Steve Fagien, M.D. Boca Raton 
May 16 cornea Tom Samuelson, M.D. Minneapolis, MN
June -      
July -      
August -      
September 19 CORNEA Albert S. Jun, M.D.     Wilmer Eye Institute
October 17 GLAUCOMA Max Forbes, M.D. Columbia University
November   AAO - NO GRAND ROUNDS  
December 19 Retina Ching J. Chen, M.D. University of Mississippi


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