Funding for End-of-Life Research

Active Grant Projects

Enhancing Dignity and Independence in Aging
Role: Principal Investigator: Kathy Black. Date: 6/1/10 – 5/31/11
Amount: $197,500 Sub-contract amount: $131,566
Funded by The Patterson Foundation and SCOPE.

Sarasota Caregivers Accessing Resources & Essential Services (CARES)
Role: Evaluator: Kathy Black. Date: 5/1/09 – 4/30/12
Amount: $900,000 Sub-contract amount: $45,000
Funded by the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation and Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Sarasota-Manatee, Inc.

Autonomy in Assisted Living: A Cultural Analysis.
Role: Consultant: Dobbs, Debra Date: 09/01/10 - 08/31/14
Co-Principal Investigators: Bob Rubinstein, and Ann Christine Frankowski, (University Maryland Baltimore Co.)(NIA Grant No. 1R01AG032442-01A2):

Promoting Dignity and Independence in Aging by Linking Individual Voice, Community Engagement, and Technological Innovation.
(Patterson Foundation) Date: 07/01/10 - 06/30/11.
Principal Investigator: Dobbs, Debra
(Subcontract from Kathy Black, USF Sarasota)

Social Relationships of Minority Residents in Assisted Living
(USF Internal Award – Park, PI) Date: 07/01/10—06/30/11
Role: Consultant: Dobbs, Debra

Palliative Care and Hospice Practices in Residential Care Settings in Florida
(New University Researcher Internal Award - USF) Date: 06/01/09 to 05/31/10 Principal Investigator: Debra Dobbs

Psychosocial Impact of Stroke on Family Caregivers
Principal Investigator: David Roth, PhD (UAB)
Collaborator: William Haley, PhD
$1,825,875 (subcontract $333,172)
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
(1 R01 NS 45789-01A1)

Education and Information Core. (Part of an Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Grant)
Center PI: Huntington Potter
Core PI: William Haley, PhD
2005-2011 $504,528 National Institute on Aging (1P50AG025711)

Psycho-Sociocultural Factors Influencing Cancer Pain Management in Elderly Adults.
Principal Investigator: Tamara Baker, PhD
Primary Mentor: William Haley, PhD
2009-2014 $665,853 National Cancer Institute (1K01CA131722)

Managing Medication-induced Constipation in Cancer: A Clinical Trial.
Principal Investigator: Susan McMillan, PhD, ARNP, FAAN
National Institute for Nursing Research, 2009-2013
(R01 NR01075101A1), $2.5 million.

Pilot of an Intervention for Caregivers of Hospice Heart Failure Patients.
Principal Investigator: Susan McMillan, PhD, ARNP, FAAN
Collaborator: William Haley, PhD
National Institute for Nursing Research, 2009-2011
1R21 NR011224-01A1, Project total: $385,000.

A Study of Communication Between Head and Neck Cancer Surgeons and Their Patients.
Principal Investigator: Lori Roscoe, PhD., “American Cancer Society-Institutional Research Grant Program, (60-14599-01-01-SB), 2009-2010. ($30,000).

Computerized Decision-Support System for Forecasting Life-Expectancy among Hospice Patients.
A joint project of HPC Healthcare and USF College of Medicine, James A. Haley VA Hospital and Tampa General. Study Sponsor is the US Dept of Defense. Notice of award was issued in October 2009. 3-yr project.
Principal and Co-Investigators: Benjamin Djulbegovic, MD, Ph.D and Raul Mhaskar, MD; Ron Schonwetter, MD,FACP AGSF, FAAHPM; and Sehwan Kim, Ph.D.

Efficacy of Hylenex Preceding Subcutaneous Opioid Infusions for the Treatment of Pain among Hospice Patients.
Investigator-initiated clinical trial sponsored by Baxter Healthcare Corporation during 2007-2010. Principal and co-Investigators: Ronald S. Schonwetter, MD, Sehwan Kim, PhD, Mary J. Quinn, MS, ARNP, Dee Boehm, RN, Dipesh Patel, RPh, Cathy Emmett, MSN, ARNP, Beverly Douglas, MSN, ARNP, Teresa Kirkland, RN, Stephen Leedy, MD, and Deidra Woods, MD, and Anna K. Westmoreland, MD.