School Support

American Diabetes Association Safe at School Campaign

Unfortunately, in many schools, students are not able to effectively manage their disease in the classroom or in school-sponsored activities. The American Diabetes Association has long been involved in working to end discrimination against students with diabetes and help educate school personnel about how they can help meet the needs of students with diabetes. Visit for more information.

Diabetes at School

Children with diabetes require medical care to remain healthy. The need for medical care does not end while the child is at school. The following information is designed to help children with diabetes and their parents ensure that they are able to care for their diabetes while at school. Visit for more information.

Fit4AllKids at All Children's Hospital

A task force of pediatric physicians, dietitians, physical therapists, educators and advocates spent a year developing Fit4Allkids to help children maintain a healthy weight and body size, and be more active and fit. The program encourages children to do their personal best and reach their own individual goals for weight loss/weight management and physical activity.

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School Forms:

Hillsborough County

Pasco County

USF Diabetes Center School Form (accepted by most school districts)