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What Else Can I Do to Help?

Join the Contact Registry

Join the USF Diabetes Center Contact Registry to learn more about diabetes research opportunities, events, education and services!

Receive the most current information on:

  • Diabetes care information
  • Diabetes events
  • Research progress and/or research opportunities at the USF Diabetes Center

Get Screened for T1D

If you have a family member with T1D, you may be eligible to be screened for your risk of developing T1D through the TrialNet Pathway to Prevention study. You can participate by:

  • Scheduling an appointment with our research team any time by email or by phone at (813) 396-2595
  • Accompanying your relative to their next appointment at our Center
  • Registering online to have a test kit sent to your home which may be taken to any Quest Diagnostics lab for a screening blood draw.

Have Questions? See answers to the most frequently asked questions about screening

Give to the USF Diabetes Center

Support the USF Diabetes Center

We are seeking families who will:

  • Lend support to help build the Center and its programs
  • Provide feedback on programs that we will be offering
  • Advocate for the advancement of diabetes care and research
  • Actively participate in the pursuit of a cure

Diabetes Center’s efforts to treat and ultimately eradicate diabetes. We value your partnership in our pursuit of hope, healing and overall health for people with diabetes. Your donation will have a dramatic impact on our ability to successfully address the above challenges. We need your support to purchase research/lab equipment; build research, exam and education space; hire research personnel and scientists; and to continue conduct studies are that vital to our continued efforts to find a cure for diabetes.