Diabetes Research: Finding a Cure

The USF Diabetes Center is an international leader in Type 1 diabetes research. Our program’s goals are to help families with type 1 diabetes by investigating ways to prevent onset of the disease, to identify at-risk individuals years before clinical symptoms occur and to test cutting edge new therapies for those living with T1D.

In addition to its role participating in T1D research, the USF Diabetes Center is a global leader in the Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet research consortium as one of twenty TrialNet Clinical Centers worldwide.

The USF Diabetes Center also offers a number of research opportunities to individuals living with Type 2 diabetes (T2D) with a focus on developing new therapies for children and adolescents with T2D.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Research

Yes! Research studies vary widely in the amount of time required to take part. While some studies may require multiple visits over weeks, months, or years, other studies may only require one visit. Our study coordinators will discuss time commitment with you before you agree to participate.

No. We welcome anyone who is interested in our research studies.
Typically, research participants are not charged for any costs associated with a study such as study medication or supplies, physical exams and education. Some studies may offer compensation for travel costs and stipends for your time and effort. However, costs covered for studies may vary. Our study coordinators will discuss the compensation offered or costs covered by our research studies with you before you agree to participate.
There are a number of safeguards in place to ensure a participant’s safety. Federal regulations require that all clinical research involving human participants are reviewed and approved by an independent Institutional Review Board. All known risks will be explained to you during the informed consent process before you agree to participate in a study. Finally, if you participate in a study, your health will be closely monitored and, if necessary, treatment may be modified or suspended. It is important to remember that all research is strictly voluntary and you may decide at any time to withdraw from a study.
Travel requirements vary according to the study. If you do not live in the Tampa Bay area, and you are required to come to Tampa for study visits, travel expenses may be paid by the sponsor. TrialNet T1D studies are coordinated all over the country and may be offered in your area if you are not local to Tampa. Please contact us for more information about sites involved in TrialNet research or click here to be screened online for T1D.
Your privacy is one of our top priorities. Only research staff, the study sponsors and individuals responsible for ensuring your safety will have access to your information. Your research information does not become part of your medical record and is not shared with your insurance company. Our study coordinators will discuss the details about how a particular study’s information is handled with you before you agree to participate.
All studies offered at our center that are actively enrolling participants are described under Find a Study. We also maintain a USF Diabetes Center Online Registry of individuals interested in learning more about diabetes, events and research studies.

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