Medical Student Selection Committee

Committee Charge:

The Committee on Medical Student Selection shall review all applications for admission to the College and shall recommend to the Dean a list of candidates and alternate candidates for admission. The Committee shall also review and make recommendations concerning procedures by which applicants are screened, interviewed and selected.


The Committee shall be composed of nine core clinical science faculty, seven core basic science faculty, and four faculty from the Lehigh Valley Network Partnership Campus to be nominated by the Faculty Council. The Committee will also include a faculty member involved with diversity and minority affairs and up to three additional faculty members-at-large to be appointed by the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs. The Committee will be supported by interviewers designated annually by the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs. The Medical Student Council in cooperation with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs selects four senior medical students; two are designated as voting members of the Committee and two are designated as alternates. The alternate representative members will be ex-officio non-voting members of the committee unless the active member(s) is (are) not in attendance. The Dean appoints the Committee Chairperson. Committee members (with the exception of medical students) are appointed for three-year overlapping terms. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs shall be a non-voting ex-officio member of this Committee.