Business Office

Pay Distribution Overview

Pay Distribution is the process used to distribute salaries and associated benefits for all the active employees in a department to the proper chartfield combinations. This information is recorded in the University’s management system for all personnel and payroll activities Global Employment System (GEMS).

RSA Overview

The Remaining Spending Authority (RSA) functionality in GEMS has been developed to allow users to preview ("Check") the result of current pay period salary dollars, including employer contributions, posted against current FAST salary budgets. The RSA Check page displays a department's current salary charges to the FAST chartfield combinations associated with GEMS Account Codes (minus the GL Account Chart field value). Once a biweekly payroll has been confirmed, users can see how the salary charges will affect their current RSA in FAST. Additionally, this functionality allows users to change pay distribution and/or transfer budget in FAST and then recheck salary budget RSA against the biweekly salary charges before they actually post to FAST.

RET Overview

A Retro Expenditure transfer moving salary related expenses from one funding source (E&G, RO, Auxiliary, etc.) to another. Each department is responsible for the reconciliation of their funds on a monthly basis. After careful review, it may be determined that an expense was charged to incorrect chartfield string. The error can be corrected by transferring the charge to the appropriate funding source via Retroactive Expenditure Transfer (RET) Form.