Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR)
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FAR Overview

What is FAR?

Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) is a legislatively state mandated process to report faculty effort within educational, research, service, and other categories. FAR forms are completed in the FAR module of the USF Faculty Academic Information Reporting System (FAIR). Faculty Activity Reporting is required at the end of each semester – three times per year (Summer, Fall, and Spring).

Who has to complete a FAR Form?

The groups of individuals who has to complete a FAR form is as follows:

  • Pay Plan 22 (Faculty)
  • Pay Plan 06 (Faculty Adjuncts & Residents)
  • Pay Plan 05 (Grad Assistants)
  • Pay Plan 01 (Individuals with Honors courses or extra compensation)
  • Pay Plan 08 (Post Docs)
  • Pay Plan 98 (Non-Compensated State Employees)
  • Pay Plan 99 (Non-Compensated Non-State Employees
*Pay Plans 05, 06 (residents only), 98 and 99 are completed centrally at the COM Business Office

Why do I have to complete a FAR form?

FAR forms have to be completed for the following reasons:

  • Comply with Florida State Statute 1012.945 (12 hour law)
  • Comply with Chancellor Memorandum 87-17.1
  • Expenditure Analysis – determines funding at the state level
  • Pay Plan 01 (Individuals with Honors courses or extra compensation)
  • LCME reporting – accreditation
  • Management reporting
  • Asset Investment Management System (AIMS)