Contracts & Grants
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Contracts & Grants Overview

Contracts & Grants are research or scholarly activities are externally funded by federal, state and private sponsors. The activities have a defined scope of work or set of objectives, which provides a basis for sponsor expectations. Two fields of the USF accounting “chartfield” are primary segregating factors for contract and grant administration as follows:

  • the FUND designates and quantifies the activities by sponsor type (federal = 20xxx, state = 21xxx, private = 22xxx)
  • the PROJECT designates and quantifies the activities of this specific research award

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Cost Share Overview

Cost share or matching is that portion of a sponsored award or program that is not funded by the sponsor. These costs are covered by the University (and/or third party) in lieu of the sponsor. Cost share must be:

  • directly identifiable and specifically benefit the project or program
  • allowable under OMB Circular A-21 and the sponsor’s guidelines
  • incurred during the performance period of the project

Voluntary cost sharing should be avoided. An investigator may feel that his/her proposal has a better chance of funding if the University provides cost sharing for the project; however, most reviewers indicate that the strength of the proposal idea and cost effectiveness of the budget are the most important qualifications for success.

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