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Auxiliary Funds Overview

Auxiliary enterprise funds are used for educational business activity (EBA) and operate like a small business. Auxiliaries operate under a "cash and budget" management basis. Under this system auxiliary enterprises require both cash and a Budget Plan in order to make expenditures in their accounts. Think of a Budget Plan as the means of controlling revenues and expenditures within the fund. A Budget Plan gives the account manager the authority to collect revenues and make expenditures, assuming there is sufficient cash in the fund. Budget for the entire year is normally posted to the auxiliary fund prior to the start of the fiscal year. The fund's cash balance increases as goods and services are sold and decreases as expenditures are paid.

Funds with a positive end of month cash balance earn interest. Interest earnings are posted to your account quarterly. Note some Vice Presidents have directed that the interest earned by auxiliaries within their area be deposited into a central account controlled by the VP.

Cash balances are automatically carried over from one year to the next. The ending year cash balance of the current year becomes the beginning year cash balance of the next year.