Business Office

TA – Travel Authorization
ER – Expense Report

Business Systems
FAIR – Faculty Academic Information Reporting
FAST – Financial Accounting System
GEMS – Global Employment System

DSO – Direct Support Organization
DSR – Division of Sponsored Research
MSSC – Medical Services Support Corporation
OCR – Office of Clinical Research
RFM – Research Financial Management
UMSA – University Medical Services Association

Human Resources
A&P – Administrative & Professional
ASF – Appointment Status Form
FMLA – Family and Medical Leave Act
FTE – Full Time Effort
FWS – Federal Work Study
GA – Graduate Assistant
OPS – Other Professional Services

Contracts & Grants
CAS – Cost Accounting Standards
GBR – Grant Budget Release
IACUC – Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IBC – Institutional Biosafety Committee
IRB – Institutional Review Board

AP – Accounts Payable
AO – Accountable Officer
AR – Accounts Receivable
E & G – Education and General
EFT – Electronic Fund Transfers
FAR – Faculty Activity Reporting
JET – Journal Expenditure Transfer (non payroll transfers & interdepartment transfers)
PCAF – Payroll Certification Adjustment Form
PCard- Procurement Card
PERT – Personnel Effort Reporting Tool
PO – Purchase Order
RET – Retroactive Expenditure Transfer (payroll transfers)
RIA – Research Initiative Account

EBA – Educational Business Activity

T& E- Travel & Entertainment