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What is NoteService


Note Service is an easy way to share and get class notes. One person will be assigned to take notes for every lecture. These notes are uploaded within 48 hours of the lecture for other Note Service users to view. In the past, most people took notes once per block, or once every other block. You will have access to the notes for as long as you're a member of Note Service. In addition to the most current notes, an archive is kept for all past notes, so this is a great study tool! 


How it works


1.     Email us at if you want to participate


2.     We will assign each person who signs up a two-hour block of lecture(s) (not a day, just lectures) and it will be your responsibility to take great notes

        (basically just pay attention and take coherent notes, highlighting the important points!)


3.     Type up your notes following a general template that we will provide for you (an outline form)


4.     Email your notes to within 48 hours of the lecture. Or upload your notes onto a special folder especially allocated to Note Service on SharePoint.


5.     That’s it!  By participating in Note Service, you will have access to all other notes taken by your classmates for all the other lectures.



Our goal is to get enough people to sign up so that each participant will only have to be responsible for providing notes for ONE LECTURE PER BLOCK.


The catch is: the only way you can take advantage of Note Service is to sign up for it. It’s a “Give Notes/Get Notes” deal.


For more information, contact your Note Service Chairs: Rita Raturi or Raphael Monta