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Note Service

Note Service is an easy way to share and get class notes. One person will be assigned to take notes for every lecture. These notes are uploaded within 48 hours of the lecture for other Note Service users to view. In the past, most people took notes once per block, or once every other block. You will have access to the notes for as long as you're a member of Note Service. In addition to the most current notes, an archive is kept for all past notes, so this is a great study tool!

Email to sign up for Note Service. Sign-ups will be accepted during the beginning of each block. If you sign up for a block and decide Note Service is not right for you, you can unsubscribe after the block is over.

Getting Started

Once you join, you will be emailed sample notes, service expectations, and a set of instructions for setting up the program we use to share notes. At the beginning of every block, a schedule of note takers will be released. You will also receive an email notice prior to the class you are expected to take notes for. You should upload the notes you are responsible for within 48 hours of the lecture.


DropBox is the program/website we use as a sharing tool. It is an easy-to-use online file storage/syncing program. All Note Service users will access and upload the shared notes via this program or at the DropBox website. Once you're a member of Note Service, you will be granted access to the notes folder. All of the information you need to get acquainted with DropBox will be available via emailed instructions when you sign up.

If you are a current Note Service user and you're experiencing technical difficulties, please contact the 2013 VP of IT, Kristina Chechotka (