12 PAC: Student Parking
USF Health

Student Parking

There are several parking options available to students to park on campus.  Some lots, especially those close to the Health Sciences campus (the location of USF COM) will fill up early.  Students tend to park in the following lots (in order)...

  • Lot 32:  this is the most popular and closest lot to campus, the histology labs, gym, Nickel's computer lab, and the medical bookstore.  There is generally plenty of parking in this lot before 7:45am, but fills up quickly.  On exam days (which can be different for Year 1 and Year 2 students), these lots fill up fast!
  • Lot 19: this is the next closest, and is shared with the employees and visitors of the Moffitt Cancer Center Hospital.  It can fill up before 9am. There is a short walk to campus from this lot.
  • Lot 33 (small, pink region): this is a popular parking spot, and is almost always filled, and is very small.
  • Lot 47: this is a large temporary overflow lot, due to construction of several parking decks in the area.  It is a wooded area with woodchips, and requires some walking to get to campus (so not recommended for use if you expect to be on campus after dark).  This lot is almost never full.
  • Lot 38/12/Laurel Drive Parking Facility: these are other student lots that can be used, especially if you have DPT courses or are on the physical therapy campus.
  • Other student lots are available in the area, but are generally filled by undergraduates.

Student Parking Passes

A valid USF Parking Permit is required on all vehicles parked on campus. Follow the instructions outlined below to purchase a Non-resident Student Permit prior to August 10, 2009. if you are unable to secure your Non-resident Student Permit prior to August 10th, make sure you purchase a Visitor Permit on the morning of August 10th as explained below.

  1. Non-resident Student Permit – These are available for online purchase after July 15, 2009; just log into the USF OASIS system (http://usfweb2.usf.edu/oasis/) and there is a link that brings you into your parking account. At the time of purchase, you will have the option to either have your permit mailed to you, or held for pick up at the Parking and Transportation Services Building (PTA) on West Holly Drive. Over-the-counter sales will not begin until August 17, 2009, so you are strongly advised to purchase your permit online prior to the start of school. The cost for an annual Commuter Student Permit is $156 plus tax.
  2. Visitor Permit – These are available from the Parking Vending Machines located in Lot 19 (by Moffitt Child Care Center). The cost is $4.00/day.

Note: Medical students should purchase annual permits, not semester permits. Annual permits are effective for a 12-month period from August 2009 to August 2010. The effective dates for the semester permits do not extend through the end of the MD curriculum in 2009. A semester permit would not allow you to park on campus during the final two to three weeks of school.

The Non-resident Student Permit allows you to park in any lot/garage designated "S". The closest lot to the medical school is Lot 32, which is located directly behind the USF Health Bookstore/Snack Bar. There are approximately 205 spaces in that lot designated "Student Only" parking. These spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Overflow student parking is accommodated in Lot 19 (by the Moffitt Child Care Center) or in any "Y" designated lot. Lot 43 is the closest "Y" designated parking to USF Health