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Here's a List of the major things you need to take care of before coming in the Fall. Please see the Student Affairs link for a complete list of info.


PLEASE NOTE: Incoming medical students are required to purchase a copy of On Doctoring (3rd Edition) by Richard Reynolds by 8/24/09. This book was given to the class previously. Please note this change!!



Due Date

Physical Exam Students must undergo a physical exam prior to starting school. Complete the physical exam verification form and take it to your health care provider for completion. Return the form to Linda Lennerth, RN, Associate Director, Medical Health Administration (address on form) ASAP 7/17/09
POM Name Tag The office of Educational Affairs will make name tags for each new student which you will be required to wear daily during the first 3-4 weeks of school. The name tag will contain your official name as reflected in your BANNER registration. If you prefer to be known by an alternate name and wish to have that name printed on the name tag in lieu of your first name, please email this info to Stephen Charles (scharle1@health.usf.edu). No changes will be made once school beings on 8/10/09 7/17/09
Little Sib Survey Answer a few questions and help us match you up with a Big Sib from the COM Class of 2012 and DPT Class of 2011!! Click here for the survey! Please email your answers to 2013survey@gmail.com ASAP
Supplies Order Form Order cool stuff for yourself, families, and friends as well as essential school supplies directly from 12 PAC at competitive prices! Order T-shirts, Physical Diagnosis Kits, gross anatomy scrubs, lab coats, and more! Click here to download the form! PLEASE NOTE: the order form has been slightly updated as of 7/13/09 and includes a couple new items as well as the option of ordering a generic COM shirt instead of your class shirt. If you have placed an order already and would like to purchase something additional, please fill out a NEW form with the other items you'd like and mail it in with a check for the DIFFERENCE!!!! 7/27/09
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Create OASIS Account In an effort to protect personal information, all USF students have been assigned a system-generated unique ID # to be used for all official university business. To obtain your "U" number, go to the USF OASIS system at http://usfweb2.usf.edu/oasis . Click on "OASIS Students/Register" then select "OASIS Login" from the top left corner. Follow the instructions to obtain your U #. You must know your U # prior to completing many items outlined below. ASAP

Apply for a USF Student ID Card at the USF Card Center located in the Phyllis P. Marshall Center, Room 105 on the main campus. For more info, please call 813-974-2357

If you are a medical student, obtain both a "USF Student" ID Card and a "Medical Student" ID Card (you'll need to bring your medical school acceptance letter). Ask that both cards be able to be used with electronic doors at the USF Health buildings. The medical student ID is worn when you are in the clinics and hospitals.

Create USF COM Email Account

Get connected to the USF Health Email System! Create a new USF Health computer account and gain access to email and other network resources while on and off campus. Do this after you have created your OASIS Account and obtained your U # and Student ID Card:


Create USF Blackboard Account

You will need to create and verify your USF Net ID so that you can access the Blackboard system which will allow you to access course materials, grades, etc. Do this after you have created your OASIS Account, obtained your U#, and your Student ID Card


Immunizations Students must complete and provide documented evidence of immunity to specified communicable diseases listed on the communicable disease prevention certificate form. Please take note of the recent requirement for evidence of immunity to Meningitis or the option to decline receipt of the Meningitis vaccine. All immunity documentation must have the student's name clearly identified on every page/sheet. A list of acceptable documenation is presented in the form. Return the form and documenation to Linda Lennerth, RN, Associate Director, Medical Health Administration (address on form) ASAP. All immunizations must be up to date at the time of matriculation on 8/10/09. Students are not permitted to begin classes or work in any of our hospitals or clinics without providing the required evidence of physical examination and documenting immunity to the diseases listed. 7/17/09
Health Coverage Students must have health insurance at all times during enrollment at USF COM. During orientation, you will be required to sign a statement certifying you have health insurance coverage. Annual re-certification is required throughout your enrollment. Information on basic health insurance policies will be available at orientation for students who do not have health insurance. 8/10/09
Disability Coverage Students must have disability insurance in effect prior to starting school. The policy will be purchased at registration on 8/10/09 for approximately $75 and is to be renewed annually. Students may opt out of this requirement by providing proof of disability insurance coverage. 8/10/09
Financial Aid

Financial Aid info should have already been emailed to you. Preliminary award notices will be sent to you as your application packets are completed. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact Ms. Michelle Williamson (miwillia@health.usf.edu ) or Mr. Matt Smith ( msmith4@health.usf.edu )


Various fees will be collected at orientation so be sure to bring your checkbook. Tuition for the 2009-2010 year is ESTIMATED to be $25,500 for in-state students and $54,000 for out of state students. The yearly amount is split into two installments. The first installment is due by Friday 8/14/09 while the second installment will be due in January 2010. Other approximate expenses encountered during the first few weeks of school include: Books-$1000, Disability Insurance-$75, Misc. supplies and lab coats-$400

Apartment/School Parking Pass

Everything you need to know about finding a place to live in or near Tampa will be in the Housing Section. In order to facilitate the possibility of your rooming with another medical student, we will compile a list of medical students seeking roommates and houses/condos that graduating students/residents would like to sell or rent. If you wish to be included on this list, please email Linda Krausman (lkrausma@health.usf.edu ). Include your name and applicable contact info.

You will need to request a non-resident parking pass to park on campus. Please find all the info in the Parking Section.

Purchase Laptop You will need to purchase a laptop and printer for use while in school. Financial Aid can increase your student budget to accomodate this purchase. Go to the Computers and Tech Section for more info. ASAP