12 PAC: 1st Year Events Calendar
USF Health

Please check below for an outline of the great events we've got planned for you all as you begin at USF!! The events are a great way to get settled in Tampa, meet your classmates and professors, and enjoy yourself before the hard stuff begins! Please keep in mind these events and dates are all TENTATIVE!! We don't anticipate any major changes, but please understand if things do get moved around some!!


BBQ/Pool Party Saturday August 8, 2009 12pm-??


This is your first chance to meet the new MD class of 2013 and the DPT class of 2012! The location is TBA, but plan to come for some fun in the summer sun, burgers, dogs, and plenty of fun games and things to do!!

Welcome Dinners during POM August 9th and 16th

Click Here for small group assignments and dinner locations!!!!


These two dinners are informal and will be somewhere quick and easy around campus or in south Tampa. You will be divided into small groups with your classmates and members of the classes above you. These dinners are here to help you get to know each other better as well as to provide another opportunity to ask questions to the upper classmen!! So relax, enjoy some good food and better company, and unwind before class starts!! FYI, you will be responsible for paying for your own meal!!

12-PAC Big/Little Sibling FREE Lunch Monday August 10, 2009

Not too much to explain here. We get you for two hours so you can meet your big sibling, chat, and eat a free lunch on your first day of POM!! At this point, the second years will be in full swing, so it'll be a nice break for both of us. We'll start at noon and end at 2. See you in the histo labs!!

Bowling Night Tuesday August 11, 2009

No matter how cool you think you are, no one is above a fun night of bowling, so tie on those funky shoes, put on your brace, grab your White Russian and enjoy a night out!! The price will be $5 per person (please bring exact change) with $0.25 games of bowling, $0.25 hot dogs, free shoe rental, and $1 beer. Pitchers of beer are available. This will be from 8pm-midnight at the U Lanes on 56th. Friends and family are welcome!!

Directions from USF:

1. North on Bruce B. Downs toward Fletcher Avenue

2. Make a RIGHT on East Fletcher Avenue

3. Make a RIGHT on 56th Street North

4. Make a RIGHT into 13109 North 56th Street AMF University Lanes


80's Party!! Saturday August 15, 2009

This is a BIG one!! This party is fun and it's a great way to celebrate your time so far in medical school!! This costume theme party is to celebrate the 80's in all its glory and to see your professors dressed as ridiculously as possible. Costumes make this fun, so don't hold back!! We all know you went to an 80's party at some point in college!!


Bull Run Saturday August 29, 2009

This debauchery and ruckus is a USF COM tradition where all four classes are invited to a night out in Ybor City. Shirts are purchased through 12-PAC and friends and family are welcomed and encouraged to attend!! Each shirt will have a list of participating clubs/bars that have agreed to provide free cover and their best drink specials to the wearer of the shirt!! Buses will be provided for the members of the class of 2013 to and from Ybor City. There will also be members of 12-PAC located at certain participating vendors in case you lose your friends or need a break from the fun!! PLEASE REMEMBER, as students embarking on the medical profession and representing USF, it would be a smart idea not to get too crazy. You don't want to show up on the front of TBT in a mugshot!! (in other words, drink responsibly!!)

2nd Annual Bulls Football Tailgate (date/time TBA)

The greatest American tradition: college football and tailgating!! For those of you who don't know, one of your 12-PAC Co-chairs, Evans Heithaus, went to Ole Miss where tailgating is a HUGE tradition (just google "The Grove Ole Miss")!! When it comes to good football, bbq, beer, and the art of throwing a party, Evans knows what he's doing. He helped put together the first annual tailgate last year and is planning on holding an even bigger one this year!!!