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Fall 2009 Laptop Computer and Printer Standards

Students in the MD program are required to have a laptop computer (the color laser printer is optional).  The recommended laptop can be purchased through the USF Computer Store located in the Marshall Center on main campus.

What are the recommended packages?

We recommend purchasing Microsoft Office Professional with the package as some components (Microsoft Access & Microsoft One Note) are missing in the Home and Student Version.

The recommended package has changed for anyone that has not placed their laptop order by the recommended order date of July 10, 2009.

How do I order one of these packages?

You can purchase one of these packages from the USF Computer store, and also from Dell Directly at the following URL(s):

You can also contact the computer store directly at 813-974-1779.

***NOTE:  When the laptop/printer/software is picked up from the Marshall Center, promptly deliver the laptop and Office 2007 CD to USF Health IS located in the FOB building 2nd Floor to have your laptop set up.  This setup will include the installation of Symantec Virus Software, Office 2007 software, email setup, and VPN software.  Please be sure that your USF Health network and email account have been setup and activated before bringing the laptop in for setup.  To assure your laptop will be ready for classes on August 10th, you must bring your laptop to FOB 2nd floor by Friday, August 3, 2009 for setup