Server Hosting and Central Data Storage Rates

Virtual Machine
Description Non-Managed Managed
-CPU 1 1
-RAM 1 1
-Operating System storage 15GB 15GB
-Data Storage 15GB 15GB
-Operating System Management User Included
Console Access Yes No
Additional storage see storage below see storage below
Additional CPU $23.00/mo. $23.00/mo.
Additional RAM per GB $6.00/mo. $6.00/mo.
Database Management System $60.00/mo. $60.00/mo.
Database Management System Management $85.00/hr $85.00/mo.
Supported Operating Systems n/a Linux, Windows Server
Supported Database Management Systems n/a MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
Data Storage
Description Rate (monthly)
Storage with backup services $0.35/GB
Storage without backup services $0.12/GB

Request a Server

Submit a service request via the customer portal or via email to request this service. In the request please be sure to indicate the following:

  • OS (windows, linux)
  • Database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, None)
  • RAM (1GB - 8 GB)
  • USF Health IS Managed (yes, no)
  • Additional Storage (in GB)
  • Storage needs to be backed up (yes, no)
  • Funding Source (include chartfield/account string etc which will be used to bill for this service)

If there is anything that falls outside of the options listed, please submit as much detail as possible and USF Health IS will work with you in order to generate an appropriate quote.

the software is installed on all mobile devices purchased with USFPG funds when they are delivered and setup by Health Information Systems. For state purchased computers the individual departments have to have the software customized to meet their business needs. Submit a service request via the customer portal or via email in order to request assistance with obtaining this service.

Options for this Service

Disaster Recovery: If a system and its data is needed, even in the event of a disaster that takes our primary data center offline, the system will still be available within 1 business day at our Disaster Recovery location. There is an additional cost for this service, which would be quoted on a case by case basis.

Load Balancing: Sometimes applications / systems, due to load need to have work shared by many servers. USF Health IS can support such a configuration at no additional cost beyond the servers which are being used to balance on.  Please include this information with your request.

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