Spam, Anti-Virus & Malware Prevention


Computer viruses, worms, and other malicious software can destroy important data, compromise security, and generate a large volume of network traffic. Infected computers can have a disastrous effect on the USF Health network. They can also put a strain on the campus's ability to accomplish core business activities and instructional functions. In order to protect the campus computing infrastructure, you must have antivirus software installed and updated on your computers. We ensure those measures are in place on your computers, laptops, and all online accounts used at USF Health.

How to Request this Service

The software is installed as a standard part of the installation package for all new computers at USF Health. A service request via the web portal or an email to can be submitted to have the software installed if you are unsure it is on your computer.


There is currently no charge for this service.







24x7; except during advertised system maintenance


The software is monitored by a central management console, and any issues are sent to Health IS system administrators. If you are experiencing any issues please contact the Health IS service desk through our customer portal at, or if you need immediate assistance.

Options for this Service

There are no additional options at this time.

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