Restore Data


Certain applications and technology systems have their data backed up on regular intervals to data protection systems. These systems allow for restoration of data in the event of a catastrophic loss of data, or even accidental deletions. The data can generally be restored to within one to two days depending on the system and data in question. Email is not backed up currently, and is not able to be restored in the event of a deletion.

How to Request This Service

Submit a service request via the customer portal or via an email to in order to request assistance with obtaining this service.


There is no charge for this service.






Infrastructure is in place 24x7 except during advertised system maintenance, and restores are conducted during normal business hours.


When experiencing an issue with your email account, please visit the Health IS Live Chat Portal at to, or submit a service request to (external addresses are accepted) for a technician to assist you.

Options for this service

There are currently no other options for this service.

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