Network Jack Installation


If you have a new location, remodeled area, or other location that needs access to the USF Health wired network, we can help with the physical installation of new wired network jack(s) and the running of cable to the network closet in order to activate the jack.

How to Request this Service

Submit a service request for premium service to have a consultation and estimate created


This is a premium service and cost is determined upon consultation with the customer, and obtaining quotes from the vendors. The costs associated with this service are variable as they are based on labor and materials, so please refer to the premium services page for current rates.


All USF Health Departments and partners are eligible to request this service.


This service can be requested at any time, and jack installations can occur during business hours or after business hours depending on your need.


Support for this service is maintained by USF Health IS after installation, please visit the Health IS Live Chat Portal at to, or submit a service request to for a technician to assist you.

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