Firewall Change Request Process

This article explains the process for a requesting firewall change.

All requests must be submitted to the USF Health FootPrints system. This can be done by sending and email to, by visiting the USF Health IS self-service portal at, or by calling (813) 974-6288 option #2 . The request must be as detailed and complete as possible.

The USF Health Information Security Officer will review the request with the Information Security team for potential security risks. If the Information Security Officer feels there is a high risk associated with the request it will be forwarded to the USF Health AVP of Technology

Service Types:

Problem Resolution/Service Restoration:

Problem requests are those made to bring about the resolution of a problem, or identified as such by the Information Security Officer.

Urgent problem requests will be processed before other firewall change requests and will be implemented as soon as possible or during a change window.

Routine Changes:

Routine changes as approved by the USF Health Information Security Officer.

Project Related/Other Changes:

Submitted as a requirements document for the project.

Firewall - Simple Policy Change:

Simple addition to existing firewall policy. An example would be the addition of an IP address or a well-known or easily verifiable port to the firewall policy or policy group. Not project based

Firewall - Addition of Routes:

Implementation of a static route on the firewall to allow VLANs not directly attached to the firewall to be reachable

Firewall - Addition of NAT:

Creation of network address translations on the firewall for new hosts or hosts without current address translations. A demonstrated business need is required.

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