Create, Update, and Organize Distribution Lists


The mailing list services are designed to distribute messages to groups of users you interact with both inside and outside of the organization. The intended audience for mailing list messages is the university community or other large groups within the university. There are several official mailings lists like the USF Health Bulletin List that do not offer the ability to opt out or unsubscribe. Customers are automatically added to several mailing lists based on their role and group affiliation, and custom mailing lists can be requested as well.

How to Request This Service

As they setup their HSCNET account, new faculty, students, and staff automatically receive access to email and calendaring services.

If you are not employed by a USF Health department or are not a student at USF Health, please submit a Modification Account Request to enable your USF Health email address. This request must be approved by your sponsoring department’s authorized signer.


There is no charge for this service.






Other Eligible Groups

Alumni are eligible for an Alumni email account


24x7; except during advertised system maintenance


When experiencing an issue with your email account, please visit the Health IS Live Chat Portal at to, or submit a service request to (external addresses are accepted) for a technician to assist you.

Options for this service

  • Mailing List Creation
  • Shared Calendar Creation
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