Desktop Sharing Within Chat Sessions


Desktop sharing allows a customer to share what's being displayed on their screen with another user in order to collaborate. . Instead of users emailing a file back and forth or meeting in person to see documents changes or discuss and collaborate, the desktop can be shared and to allow both parties to view the same file simultaneously and edit it together. This can include sharing a PowerPoint presentation, helping with editing a document, or viewing an issue remotely just to name a few of the many things you can do with this service.

How to request this Service

The software used for this service, should be installed by default on your USF Computer. If you need to have the software installed please submit a Technology Service request here: Technology Service Request or you can visit the USF Health Live Chat Portal at


There is currently no charge for this service, as it is included as part of your USF Health Account.


All customers with a USF Health Account are eligible to use this service.


The software that runs this service runs in the background on your computer, and will notify you when you have an incoming communication. The installation of this software is available during business hours Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.


When experiencing an issue with this service please visit the Health IS Live Chat Portal at to , or submit a service request to for a technician to assist you.

Options for this Service

Depending on your operating system and other factors you will have Microsoft Office Communicator, Microsoft Lync 2010, or Microsoft Lync 2013 installed on your machine.

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