Audio Conferencing Setup


This is the ability to make conference calls using a conferencing unit setup to work with the USF phone system. This is generally facilitated through a conferencing unit that is setup in a confereince room, and has a phone number assigned to the unit. This is a service offered by USF IT.

How to request this Service

To arrange a conference call contact main campus IT at this link. Telephone Services


This service is offered and maintained by USF IT, please contact them for this information.


All USF Health faculty and staff are able to request this service from them.


Please contact USF IT for availability.


USF Health Information Systems can be contacted to facilitate getting the appropriate support from USF IT in the event that an issue arises. This service is supported by USF IT, and they provide replacements and troubleshooting when an issue occurs.

Options for this Service

Please contact USF IT for this information.

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