Network Services Department
Information Technology • USF Health

USF Health IT Network Services Department is a multifaceted "network services department." Comprised of full-time professionals, Network Services Department provides operational and professional services to USF Health Colleges, USFPG and the entire USF Health community. The services of USF Health IT Network Services Department include high level architecture and network system design, servers' administration, messaging system administration and support. Working collaboratively with all other departments, the Network Services department provides the network environment that allows all services, servers, server-based systems and applications to run on the USF Health network. Other responsibilities include:

  • New technology investigation, engineering, configuration and deployment
  • Network Operations Center (design, software utilities, tools, configuration, monitoring, reporting)
  • Design and coordination with all other services and departments and colleges
  • Bandwidth Resource Management (design, software utilities, tools, configuration, monitoring)
  • Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Services
  • Print services, network documentation, standards Document
  • Routing, IP address space maintenance
  • Wireless Ethernet Services (Design, configuration, installation)
  • Vendors management
  • Engineering for new buildings and renovated spaces
  • High Level - Systemic network troubleshooting
  • Systemic upgrades to all network hardware and software
  • Messaging system
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) and remote site services
  • Consulting (servers and network)



Network Services Department is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of networks (LAN/WAN/VLAN/WLAN).

Server & Apps Administration

Network Services Department is responsible for the design, configuration, implementation and maintenance of servers and applications.

Messaging System

Network Services Department is responsible for USF Health messaging system.