USF Health Account Request

This quick guide will provide you with instructions for requesting a USF Health account.

Topics Covered:

Accessing USF Health Accounts, New Account Request

  1. Open your web browser and go to url:
    The USF Health Information Services home page will open. See Figure 1.

    USF Health Account Request

    Figure 1:USF Health Information Services home page, request new account link. (Click image to enlarge)

  2. Click on Request New Account.

    The New Account Request page will open.

New Account Request Pre-requisites for Students


Do the following steps in Order! Each step takes time to complete - some steps take several days. Start the process early so you can receive all of your Financial Aid updates. If you were a non-Health USF student before, please see step 3 below for how to update your preferred email address to your Health Account.

Step 1 - Get your Student ID number

Your U Number is your unique identifier at USF. You will need it to request your Health account. If you are a former USF Student and already know your U-number, please skip this step.

  1. Access the U-number retrieval:
  2. Enter your date of birth (mm/dd/yy) and social security number (no dashes)
  3. Type in the security password shown on the screen.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Write the number down.

USF Health Account Request

Step 2 - Get your Health Account

  1. Follow the steps below under "New Account Request" to create your Health Account, then come back to Step 3.

Authorized Signer approval

Please note that the requestor has only 5 days to verify their email, after that time the email cerification request expires, and even is the authorized signer has approved the request, the requestor will have to start over again.

Step 3 - Change or Update your email address and mailing address in OASIS

This step is required to ensure that you receive your financial aid information on time. This step can only be completed 48 hours after your account is created.

  1. Go to the USF Net ID single sign-on at least 2 days after you create your Health Account.

    USF Health Account Request

  2. Use your Health Account (i.e. as the NetID.

  3. Use the password you created when you created your Health Account.

  4. On the NET ID home page hover over the "My Resources" tab on the ribbon across the top of the page, click "OASIS".

    USF Health Account Request

  5. Select "Personal Information" from the menu.

    USF Health Account Request

  6. Select "Update Addresses and Phones" from the menu

    USF Health Account Request

  7. Choose "Permanent (stable, long term)" as the type of address to insert. The minimum to fill out is: Address line 1, City State/Province, and Zip/postal code for USA addresses. Foreign addresses require Address line 1, City, and Nation.

    USF Health Account Request

  8. Click "Submit"

New Account Request - Student, Faculty, Staff, Resident, Fellow

The New Account request process is specific to a person's role. You will need the person's name, date of birth, and either Employee ID,GEMS ID, or U-Number. Questions will vary depending on the role you have selected and your responses to the questions.


Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk ( * ) and are case sensitive.

  1. Select the Role for the new account holder.

  2. Enter the Date of Birth.

  3. Enter the Source System ID.

    • Student - U-Number

    • Faculty & Staff - Employee ID or GEMS ID

    • Residents & Fellows - GEMS ID

  4. Click Submit Query.

    USF Health Account Request

  5. The system will try to validate the Name, Date of Birth and Source System ID.

    • If system is unable to validate information, a message will display with instructions on how to proceed.

      USF Health Account Request

    • If information is validated, the Create Account page will open. See Figure 2.

      USF Health Account Request

    Figure 2: Create Account page.

  6. Complete the requested fields.


    Required fields are marked with a red asterisk ( * ).

    External email address, Elementary School and 4 digit PIN are unique identifiers that you pick that you can use to reset your password, if necessary.

    If you had a previous Health account that will be your only option as a Health Account user name, if you are a new Health user you will be given several options to choose from as your user id.

    Your hscnet id is your USF Health Username. You will use this id to access the USF Health network.

  7. Click Submit.

    The following message will display: The account has been created. If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact the USF HEALTH Information Systems Support desk at (813) 974-6288, Option 2.

New Account Request - None of the Above

  1. Select the Role for the new account holder as None of the Above.

  2. Click Submit Request.

  3. Select your affiliation with the university.


    If you select Employee at USF or Student at USF you will be advised to wait for your credentials before requesting your USF Health Account.

  4. Complete the required fields.

  5. Click Submit.


    If the information you enter matches an existing record you will have two options to select from, either the matched account or NONE.

    The following message will display: A verification email has been sent to your email address.

    You must access your external email and verify the request by clicking on the link provided to activate your account.

    Once you have verified the request, it will be sent to the authorized signer for the department that is sponsoring your account.


    If you are the authorized signer submitting the request, you will need to log into the system and following the instructions for approving an account found in the Authorized Signer Process job aid.