Uploading Your Personal Web Pages
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This how to guide demonstrates how to upload web pages to the personal web space folders on USF Health web servers.  Web pages and associated files may be uploaded via FTP.  This page includes instructions on using WS-FTP or Dreamweaver to make your updates. 

Important Note:  Effective March 26, 2007, the URL for web sites in personal web folders will be in the format http://personal.health.usf.edu/[HSCNET username] . The previous format of http://hsc.usf.edu/~username used under the UNIX system will no longer be valid.


The WS-FTP software can be downloaded from our Windows Shareware Archive page.  The following two figures illustrate the settings needed to configure WS-FTP to access your personal web folder.

Session Properties - General Tab Session Properties - Startup Tab


The following information must be entered in the WS-FTP Session Properties dialog boxes:

Host Name: personal.health.usf.edu

User ID: hscnet \ [your HSCNET login]

Initial Remote Site Folder: /

FTP Using Dreamweaver

For Dreamweaver users, the following figure shows the configuration settings to use Dreamweaver to connect to your personal web folder.

Site Definition - Remote Info Settings

The following information will needed in the Site Definition Wizard:

Access: FTP

FTP Host: personal.health.usf.edu

Host Directory: /

User ID: hscnet \ [your HSCNET login]