Windows Shareware Archive
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These programs are a collection of useful utilities for computing here at HSC. These programs are designed to run on Windows operating systems.

Download Instructions

To download these files click on the link of the program you wish download. Save the file to your system. If the file has an .exe extension, then to install the program run the file. Follow the instructions given. If the file has an .zip extension, then use a compression utility and uncompress the file. Run the install or setup program that was uncompressed.

Software Program Description
WinSock FTP A freeware windows File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client.
Gopher Client Software
A gopher client software program.
MS Java Virtual Machine bld3810
Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine build 3810 - Use for Allscripts only.
Sun Java Virtual Machine The Sun Microsystems plug-in for web browsers to be able to use Java VM. This product includes code licensed from RSA Security, Inc. Some portions licensed from IBM are available at
Hummingbird Link to IT page to get software to access USF's mainframe.
Zip Central Software A Free Windows compression utility.