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Accessing the USF HEALTH Network Remotely using Connectra Remote Access Encryption Software

HIPAA requires that all computers accessing the USF Health computer network from outside the USF Health firewall use a secure form of data encryption.  USF Health Information Services provides an application called Connectra for this function.  Connectra can easily be accessed via a web browser to provide a portal for the USF Health network from outside the USF Health firewall.


An Overview of Connectra and its' Functionality.

Using Connectra and Remote Desktop to Remotely Access Your Work Computer.

Using Connectra to Access Your Department's & Your Personal Files .

Using Connectra to Access eUSF Portal Locations & Internet Websites.

Access Connectra Now.

Zone Alarm Personal Firewall Software

Information Technology recommends any home user install personal firewall software to provide protection from hackers. Zone Alarm is a decent personal firewall and is free for home use (it is not free if you wish to use it on-campus). Zone Alarm allows you to control which programs on your computer may send and receive information on the Internet. If you wish to download this software, please do so from the Zone Labs website below. Unfortunately, our support technicians are not licensed to have copies of this or any other firewall software, so we are unable to provide support for this product.

Zone Labs Website