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Premium Services

Our premium services allow us to provide individuals, departments, and divisions the same professional services we provide to the greater USF Health community for a significantly lower price than private software consultants.

Examples of premium services include:
  • Transitioning of web sites into content management server (for non-COM sites)
  • Creation and maintenance of web sites (for non-COM pages)
  • Development of project/ grant/ research-specific applications
  • Development of web-based database applications
  • Development of client server databases
  • WordPress hosting and development

Advantages of using premium services over third-party developers include:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Automatic compliance with USF Health web and computing standards
  • In-house application support
  • Access to existing USF Health resources
The minimum cost for our premium services are:
  • Development - $50 per hour
  • Maintenance - $50 per hour
  • Upgrades - $50 per hour
  • WordPress Hosting - $600 per year
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