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Existing Applications

Clinical Services

Clinical applications mainatained by Application Development team members include:

  • IDX
  • Patient appointment request application

These applications all are a part of our service to USF Health providers, patients and clinical staff.

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Research Services

Application Development has developed the following applications for research purposes:

  • Bladder Cancer Screening
  • Clinical Studies
  • Research Directory
  • Cerebrovascular
  • Abstract submission form

Applications such as those above are focused on research goals which range from Office of Research initiatives to individual research projects conducted by USF Health researchers.

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Education Services

Application Development maintains a variety of applications which support the Education mission at USF Health. They include:

  • 4th Year Drop/Add
  • CON Faculty Evaluations
  • COM Banner
  • COM Faculty Evaluations
  • FacDot
  • Resident Portal
  • Immunizations
  • Student Notes
  • COPH Student Database

These database systems and others are hosted and maintained by developers and database administrators that work on the Application Development team. Audiences for these applications range from admissions and student affairs representatives, students of all three USF Health colleges, residents, and faculty members.

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Administrative Services

Application Development maintains a variety of administrative systems used by the faculty, staff, and students of USF Health. These systems include:

  • AMCAS admissions system
  • Ultimate Survey   Faculty Affairs Database
  • Library Invoicing System
  • Central Receiving Database
  • HART
  • Cyborg
  • Coda

Decision Support Systems and Strategic Analysis

Application development creates and maintains decision support systems for USF Health administrative offices. We also create custom reports through USF Health Analytic and Reporting Tool (HART) with data from various databases including those from USF Main Campus, USF Physician's Group, and some specific to USF Health. Our solutions integrate USF Health data with both university and state-wide systems.

Enterprise Database Maintenance and Support

We maintain Enterprise Oracle and MS SQL server database management systems. These servers host applications developed internally and externally.

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